30 Nov 2022

Lies from Croatia and the commission

I believe in free movement for everybody. But I also believe in human rights and accountability. Violence, abuse and lies from #Croatia and the #Commmission should not have been swept under the rug in bid for Croatian accession to the #Schengen area.
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30 Nov 2022

Crocodile tears from MEPs about Qatar sportwashing

Don't mind the rhetoric and crocodile tears from MEPs about #Qatar2022 sportswashing. The reality is #EU is systematically overlooking #Qatari human rights abuses, out of self interest.
It has cut itself off from #Russian energy on the basis #Russia is an authoritarian regime fighting an illegal war, only to cosy up to #Qatar, an authoritarian regime involved in an illegal war in #Yemen, all to get access to #Qatari energy.
If there was a #WorldCup for Hypocrisy we would walk away victors without a match being played.
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