29 Apr 2021

European Defence Fund – Plenary speech

Today the European Parliament had its last chance - with our group's rejection amendment for the European Defence Fund - to say NO to crossing the line and dumping €8 billion of public funds into weapons spending. Sadly this morning it voted for militarism over common sense, 697 to 139. In writing this cheque for the European Defence Fund, the parliament has put in place the cornerstone for an EU military industrial complex. A union founded on an ideal of peace signing off for the first time on a slush fund of €8 billion for merchants of slaughter. What now for Irish neutrality?
28 Apr 2021

European Defence Fund history

Tomorrow in a vote the European Parliament has a chance to say NO to the "European Defence Fund," which will trample the EU treaties to grab billions out of the EU budget for arms companies. The EU is militarising right in front of our eyes and the Irish establishment pretends it's not happening. Write to your MEP if you oppose this and ask them to support the LEFT amendment against the EDF.
11 Apr 2021

Second anniversary of Julian Assange’s arrest

Two years to the day since Julian #Assange was arrested and the US indictment he had always feared was finally unsealed. Two years in jail and counting, for the crime of telling the truth. #FreeAssangeNow.

I recently spoke about this ongoing travesty, and the danger to us all.

29 Mar 2021

Breakdown of the Schengen Area

The Schengen system is at the point of breaking down. States are doing what they like. The Commission has spoken up about COVID border controls, but did little for years about illegal controls in place since 2015 that treated migrants as a security threat.