11 Apr 2021

Second anniversary of Julian Assange’s arrest

Two years to the day since Julian #Assange was arrested and the US indictment he had always feared was finally unsealed. Two years in jail and counting, for the crime of telling the truth. #FreeAssangeNow.

I recently spoke about this ongoing travesty, and the danger to us all.

09 Apr 2021

Podcast episode 47 – Brussels to Baghdad

The real story of our trip to Iraq...

09 Apr 2021

Make Amazon Pay

Very glad to have signed this important statement.

08 Apr 2021

Podcast episode 46 – India’s rightwing government is risking a famine

Don't miss the fascinating discussion we had with Justin Podur on I4C Trouble about the protests on a huge scale against anti-farmer laws in India. #FarmersProtests https://i4ctrouble.simplecast.com/.../ep-46-indias...