15 May 2023

Official statement by Clare Daly and Mick Wallace on the outcome of the Brussels Activist Peace Forum, May 13, 2023

On May 13, 2023, representatives of a number of peace and anti-war organisations from 11 different European countries met in Brussels, at a conference hosted by Clare Daly and Mick Wallace MEPs, to discuss the situation of the peace movement in the context of the war in Ukraine.


 Those present deplored the suffering and loss of life caused by the war, and shared a profound concern about escalation of the conflict. There was a strong consensus around the need for anti-war forces in Europe to call for a ceasefire, peace negotiations and efforts to diminish the possibility of nuclear war in Europe.


-- Clare Daly & Mick Wallace MEPs

30 Nov 2022

Crocodile tears from MEPs about Qatar sportwashing

Don't mind the rhetoric and crocodile tears from MEPs about #Qatar2022 sportswashing. The reality is #EU is systematically overlooking #Qatari human rights abuses, out of self interest.
It has cut itself off from #Russian energy on the basis #Russia is an authoritarian regime fighting an illegal war, only to cosy up to #Qatar, an authoritarian regime involved in an illegal war in #Yemen, all to get access to #Qatari energy.
If there was a #WorldCup for Hypocrisy we would walk away victors without a match being played.
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30 Nov 2022

It should be left to the Iranians to decide their fate as they strive for change

Everyone should support the right of ordinary people in #Iran to push for change in their country without harsh crackdowns.
How though? Too often #EU talks about "what we should do," rather than what we should not do, and what we should undo.
"Maximum pressure" is not helping Iranians. It is hurting them and making their struggle more difficult.
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