United Left Alliance will oppose any cut in Child Benefit

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Commenting on proposals to cut Child Benefit, Joan Collins TD said:

“Joan Burton’s shameful proposal to means-test child benefit will push even more children into poverty. Having to prove you are on a low income will put many people off claiming the full amount. People on low incomes – or where literacy may be an issue – will be hit hardest. A means test will add to the 200,000 children already on the poverty line.

This is another broken promise from Labour. Gilmore and Burton pledged to protect child benefit before the election. All of their pious talk of defending children’s rights with the children’s referendum is now exposed as a sham.”

Clare Daly TD said:
“At the same time as proposing more suffering for children, this government are happy to pour money into the banks. There was not a squeak out of them when AIB paid out €1 billion to anonymous, un-guaranteed bondholders on Oct 1st – a bank that has had nearly €20 billion from the state and is effectively 99% state-owned.

The ULA is determined to oppose this and other cuts in the December budget. We are calling for a mass turnout on the pre-budget protest on November 24 – against austerity and against the household and property taxes.”