The Latest Irish Water Scare Tactic.

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The latest Government move to introduce legislation that would allow attachment orders to be used, in order to collect debt for unpaid utility bills, like ‘Irish Water’ is another in a long line of desperate draconian measures attempted by this government. Irish Water is a failure and the movement of people across the country under the Right2Water and other banners has made this double tax unworkable. If you are concerned please consider the following points.

  1. Revenue are not involved. This attachment order idea is a separate process, arising from a civil court debt process.
  1. Irish Water is designed to be separate from Government. This new legislation will not mean that Water Bills are collected like Property Tax – this is completely different. This legislation is designed to address unpaid debt for all utilities and the like – not just Irish Water. It can only apply after a court process has taken place.
  1. So if you don’t pay for 15 months and after a court hearing dealing with same, they may like to apply an attachment order – but will only be able to do so, when that same attachment order does not bring the individual concerned below a certain income threshold.
  1. If you believe that water should be paid for through central taxation, rather than through this entity called ‘Irish Water’, then wait for the outcome of the next general election, and remember no one is going to reimburse you when Irish Water is abolished.

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