TDs & Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin demand end to water meter installation & political policing

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A cross party group of TDs have expressed concern at the jailing of two political activists, Sean Doyle and Eamonn McGrath.   Both men have been remanded in custody until the 21st of May and 24th of June respectively for taking part in a peaceful protest in Kilcoole. Sean was arrested after being assaulted by an individual in front of Gardai while his attacker went unpunished. The same attacker then viciously pushed a woman to the ground. The Gardaí present saw fit to arrest the protesters for trespass while they gently escorted the assailant away. No charges have been brought against this man. The continuation of the political policing of the Irish Water protests exposes the Garda, yet again, as a force used to protect the status quo at the expense of ordinary people.

Water Charges and Irish Water have been universally discredited and rejected by the electorate. And protesters have been vindicated in their actions to stop the privatisation of our water. The so called ‘Trinity Deal’ between our two right wing parties Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael to suspend water charges has very little creditability when Irish Water are still pushing their weight around and installing their unwanted infrastructure in our communities. Activists tried to highlight this hypocrisy by holding a blockade at a depot used to store Irish Water materials when they were attacked.

The police and the courts instead of dealing with a serious assault acted in the interest of those associated with Irish Water. We condemn the criminalisation of protesters and the imprisonment of two citizens who were the victims in this incident.