Jailed for Refusing to be Silent

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1614589_10201787846392824_2040178068_oMargaretta D’Arcy has spent one week in Limerick prison for refusing to sign a bond to quit her campaign against the use of Shannon Airport by the US military.  This is a scandalous hypocrisy by the Irish state which has taken no action regarding rendition flights and failed to update the UN Council against Torture with regard to an investigation into the use of our airports.  Margaretta has said that she will only sign a bond if the Irish Government takes steps to end the US military use of Shannon airport.
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A Canadian  C130 Hercules and two KC 10 US air force refueling tanks, which may indicate that they were refueling other US military aircraft that were transiting through Irish airspace.  The Hercules was at gate 42 which suggests it was carrying passengers and not cargo.  shannon 1 shannon 2 shannon 3

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At about 3.45 pm on Sunday September 1st peace activists Margaretta Darcy and Niall Farrell were arrested in Shannon airport in the vicinity of the main runway. They were taken to Shannon Garda station where they were questioned and detained overnight. They were then brought before Limerick District Court at on 2nd September 2013 with Judge Eugene O’Kelly presiding. About 45 minutes after the arrests of Darcy and Farrell two other individuals, including photo-journalist and human rights activist Tommy Donnellan, were arrested several miles from the scene of the airport incursion. Tommy and his friend were later released without charge.
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Edward Horgan of Shannon Watch witnessed the landing of U.S. military aircraft at Shannon Airport on Sunday Evening he also witnessed US soldiers on the ground near these aircraft some of whom appeared to be carrying weapons.
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