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To ask the Minister for Defence the number of occasions that members of the Defence Forces have been called to undertake Aid to the Civil Power ATCP duties at Dublin, Cork, and Shannon Airports, respectively, in the past 12 months; and the way these operations are funded.
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Dáil Issues, Defence, Justice and Defence, Oral Questions

Clare asks the Minister for Defense when he will bring about the cessation of contracts with his department and companies who are profiting from illegal Israeli settlements.  See link below:

Clare asks Minister Coveney about the protection of US military aircraft at Shannon.  The state insist on protecting US war planes but no such commitment is given to protect the lives of people of Afghanistan or Palestine.  See links below to watch:


Dáil Issues, Defence

Clare recently raised the issue of the continued use of Shannon airport to facilitate US war planes and the breach of Ireland’s neutrality. Click on the link below to watch the video:

Shannon Airport


Dáil Issues, Defence

Clare asks the Minister if the recent presence of Irish troops at Shannon was to conduct a search of the US Military Aircraft using the airport.