T.U.I Reject Croke Park II

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It’s been a difficult week for the Labour Party who are reaping the rewards of their betrayal of the Irish people.  The collapse of their vote to less than 5% in the Meath By-Election is an indication of what they can expect from the nation at the next General Election.  To add further distress to the Party, the Teachers unions have given a hostile reception to education minister Ruairí Quinn at their annual conferences.

Clear rejection of Croke Park II and Labour

The Teachers Union of Ireland conference, being held in Galway this week, has called for its members to vote against Croke Park II and instructed its executive to withdraw from ICTU if it tries to impose the deal on its members.  Over 80% of the TUI membership voted to reject the deal in a ballot held last month.  They now say that they will take industrial action if the Croke Park deal is forced upon their members.

At the INTO conference members have rejected austerity and condemned the cuts to education and the continued recruitment embargo which is causing widespread problems for teachers, pupils and staff.

ASTI president at their conference condemned the government’s attempt to coerce their members into Croke Park II, saying that ‘for the government to seek more within the timescale is a breach of the agreement and a betrayal of members”.

The social issues which the Labour Party have claimed to stand for over the years, such as free education, women’s rights and legislation for abortion have all been shelved one by one with excuse after excuse as they continue to do the dirty work for the European banking system.

The teachers unions, representing thousands of workers who provide a vital frontline service, must stay strong and call for solidarity from the wider union movement; Croke Park II and austerity must be rejected.