Shannonwatch’s Review of US Military Traffic Through Shannon in 2015

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Shannonwatch have posted a review of military traffie passing through Shannon in 2015 over on their website –  the brilliant monitoring work that they do ensures that the Irish public is kept informed about what’s going on there; the Irish Government don’t like to tell us without a lot of prodding.

(Full article here)

The government continues to claim Ireland is a neutral country, and that when it comes to the US military use of Shannon Airport there’s nothing to see or worry about. None of the regular landings of Hercules C-130’s or mid-air refuellers are involved in military operations they say, and there’s not as much as a single gun or round of ammunition on any of them.

It defies logic, but it’s what the government tries to make us believe, despite recorded evidence of weapons on some of the planes.

In addition to these supposedly “unarmed” military planes there are also constant landings of “civilian” planes each carrying hundreds of armed troops. Classifying these as non-military, as the government does, is unprincipled and misleading, and is in breach of international neutrality law.

Shannonwatch keep records of all US military traffic that passes through Shannon Airport. In 2015 we recorded 367 troop carriers landing and departing from the airport, as well as 291 military (US Air Force or Navy) planes. That’s a total of 658 planes linked to US military operations – in other words more than 12 US military flights a week through Shannon.

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