Rich are Protected as Budget Targets the Young the Old and the Sick

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The annual pantomime that is the Budget has yet again protected the rich and targeted the vulnerable.  The budget announced today has scapegoated the underprivilleged, the unemployed, young people, old people and the sick.  As tax payers money continues to support the vampire banks, our public services are being undermined and run into the ground.

Most people will be horrified by the neo liberal agenda which continues to erode public services and to drive down wages and living conditions. This is the sixth budget and the third by the FG/Labour Government, which has deliberately protected those at the top, the elite parasites in our society, while attacking the standard of living for people on welfare, on medical cards and the elderly.

The abolition of the telephone allowance will leave many elderly poeple isolated and lonely.  The cut to the bereavement grant will go down as one of the stingiest cuts in the history of the state.  By cutting the amount of welfare paid to under 25s  the government have cynically ensured that the flow of emigration will continue and will destroy families and communities across the country.  Attacks on illness benefit, maternity benefit and increased prescription charges, are vindictively aimed at people who are already struggling.

The role played by the Labour Party in demonising the unemployed and victimising the sick and the elderly, represents a huge betrayal of the people they once represented.  It makes a mockery of its past, its traditions and the socialist principles it once stood for.  Shame.