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Today protesters gathered outside the Shelbourne hotel to voice their opposition against a

Protesters outside allsops auction

property auction organised by auctioneers Allsop. Protesters from both Anti-Eviction Ireland and the Ant-Eviction Task-force allege that many of the properties listed for auction are a result of illegal repossessions.

One of the protesters, Donal, said that the groups had come together against what they see as the immoral “repossession of houses” and “families, husbands, wives and children being evicted onto the street while bondholders were still being paid billions”. He also said that they had hoped hotels would become aware of the issue and not facilitate such auctions. Speaking of the groups intentions, Donal said they would do their “best to prevent the sheriff from evicting families” and that they had already been successful on a number of occasions.

Donal spoke of the effects that mortgage distress and repossession had on those at the hands of the Banks, “To be getting phone calls 24/7, letters everyday and the banks giving no choice or leeway or even allowing for negotiations in these situations has a disastrous effect on people” and that there “had been cases of suicide in relation to this.”

Paul O’ Hare spoke of his own ordeal and said that having gone into receivership his property was listed today against his wishes. He said that his bank had failed to make contact or provide him with paperwork on the property which was now being sold for close to a tenth of the value of debts incurred on it. Speaking of the effect this had had on his life he said, “It’s obviously affected myself, I haven’t slept in months, years. You’re worried about the next letter coming in the door. I’m afraid they’re going to come in and take my house.”

Asked if he felt there was any hope in situations like this against Paul said, “I think there’s hope if you have money but if you don’t have money you can’t do it, because solicitors and barristers cost money and I don’t have that money to fight them”.