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Personal Statement



On Monday evening after meetings in the Dáil, I attended a meeting in Swords and left at 9.30pm for another meeting requested by a family of longstanding political acquaintances in the Southside of the city near the Canal. I arrived after 10pm and spent almost two hours discussing political issues which I had raised in the Dáil. Before I left I was offered a hot whiskey for a cold. I had no food since lunchtime and did not realise the implications of taking this house measure of hot whiskey.

I left at midnight and not being familiar with the area found myself on the road to Ballyfermot at Kilmainham and took a right turn onto the South Circular Road trying to get back onto the Northside – unfortunately there is no right turn at this junction. A passing Garda patrol car saw the turn and pulled me over and this was brought to my attention by Gardai in a car who stopped me. I was breathalysed but this was not satisfactory and was brought to the Kilmainham Garda Station where a urine sample was taken.

I accept full responsibility for what is a serious lack of judgement and while I find it surprising that the Gardaí in Kilmainham released this information to tabloid journalists before 11am, I believe that the Gardaí implementing road safety have a job to do and I support them.

Should the test result on the sample provided prove to be above the statutory limit, I will accept the consequences and resolve that this will not happen again.