Budget 2012



Austerity is not working and everybody knows it. Everybody outside the Chamber certainly feels it, yet it is the only medicine that has been dished out by the Government today. What a pitiful disappointment for the tens of thousands of people who voted for the Government parties in the hope that they would represent something different. Far from being a crusading Minister coming to deliver something radical, the Minister, Deputy Howlin, is merely responsible for more of the same. He said his guiding principles for this delivery were fairness, jobs and reform, which is unfortunate, as these are precisely the three areas where the Government has fallen down. The only positive is that we will not have to listen to the Government parties bleating that this is all the fault of Fianna Fáil. This budget was its doing and it has chosen to continue the policies of its predecessors and to make ordinary people pay.

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Worker's Rights

An emergency boost to resources at the EAT is an absolute requirement
A question put by Socialist Party/United Left Alliance TD Clare Daly to the Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation regarding case-load, resources and waiting times at the Employment Appeal Tribunal revealed an explosion in numbers of people seeking redress for unfair dismissal since the crisis began and a corresponding lengthening of waiting times.
Clare Daly said:

“I was provoked into asking these questions because of the amount of contact my and my party colleague Joe Higgins’ office was receiving from people who had good cases to make for unfair dismissal to the Rights Commissioner and/or Employment Appeals Tribunal.

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Local Issues



Swords based Socialist Party TD Clare Daly has lashed out at Council management for their refusal to furnish Swords Boxing Club with a letter allowing them to access a grant of €25,000 for minor works to improve the quality of the Carnegie Library where the club is based.
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Economy, Environment, Local Issues

I agree with Deputy Patrick Nulty. The cut in the capital infrastructure programme represents a gross missed opportunity. However, the Deputy has a neck to make these points, as he is a member of a party which is in government and responsible for the axing of the metro north project, among others. If he was serious, he would make a stand like Deputies Naughten and Penrose and vote against the Government in the upcoming budget. His constituency colleagues told us before the general election that they would support the metro north project, but the Ministers, Deputies Leo Varadkar, Joan Burton and James Reilly, now have nothing to say about it. This is an insult to the people of Deputy Patrick Nulty’s constituency, but more than this it will have a detrimental impact on jobs in the area. This is a shovel-ready project that could immediately employ 600 people and would open up the north side of Dublin for economic development. It is a magnificent project which would transform the lives of citizens in the area. Given that it would cost the Government only €700 million in the course of the next couple of years, it is lunacy to shelve it. I appeal, even at the eleventh hour, to have the project be re-inserted in the capital budget.
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