Worker's Rights

“The protest being organised today by former employees of HW Wilson at Clontarf Castle today is 100% justified. Potential customers of Ebsco Ltd who took over HW Wilson and are holding an information day in Clontarf Castle need to be made aware of the manner in which the workers were made redundant and denied the enhanced compensation package recommended by the Labour Court.

“As has been shown in other instances including Vita Cortex, Game and La Senza among others there is a growing trend of employers leaving workers high and dry with issues of redundancy, outstanding pay and holidays being left unresolved.

“The Socialist Party and United Left Alliance favours recommendations for enhanced redundancies from the Labour Court to be made binding on employers and, although this situation doesn’t arise in HW Wilson, legal immunity for workers who occupy their place of work when the employer attempts to cease operations or make workers redundant when money due to the employees is outstanding.”




Clare Daly TD v Lucinda Creighton TD