At questions in the Dáil yesterday, health minister James Reilly gave no clear reason why sites in his constituency had been given priority for the development of primary care centers, over and above other locations that were previously higher on the list. He said that the HSE made the decision, not he. And the full Cabinet approved it – including the Labour ministers. But Reilly is the Minister who decides on these matters. Roisin Shortall’s resignation shows who is in charge.
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Children and Youth Affairs, Justice



At a Press Conference, in Buswells Hotel, today hosted by Clare Daly TD, women illegally adopted at birth, who have spent decades trying to trace their birth mothers and have come from abroad to try to meet the Minister, spoke about their experiences.

“For decades this country has failed its children”

Theresa and Maria

Minister Children and Youth Affairs Dail Eireann 19th September.

The Minister is right in that governments, religious and state institutions were responsible for decades of neglect, physical and sexual abuse of children in religious and state run institutions but the Minister is refusing to meet representatives of children utterly failed by the State during those decades – those children taken from their mothers and illegally adopted.

A number of these now adult women have asked to meet the Minister. These adults have spent decades seeking access to records, trying to find their birth mothers. They want the Minister to act to ensure the the safety of medical and other records in private hands – religious and other societies – which facilitated these illegal adoptions prior to and after 1953.

The Minister has refused to meet the women.
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Children and Youth Affairs, Economy

Commenting on proposals to cut Child Benefit, Joan Collins TD said:

“Joan Burton’s shameful proposal to means-test child benefit will push even more children into poverty. Having to prove you are on a low income will put many people off claiming the full amount. People on low incomes – or where literacy may be an issue – will be hit hardest. A means test will add to the 200,000 children already on the poverty line.
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Health, Women's Rights

Clare Daly Calls on the Government to legislate for the X case without further delay.

Welcoming the launch day of the International Campaign for the Decriminalisation of Abortion on Friday 28th September, Clare calls for wide support for this Saturday’s March for Choice in Dublin.
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