Agriculture/Animal Welfare

Sustainability is a major issue but we must consider who benefits from it. The discussion is somewhat lopsided by the fact that we are straitjacketed within the Common Fisheries Policy. I agree with the Deputies who said this has been an absolute disaster for Ireland and that we must examine our fisheries completely rather than tinkering with quotas within the confines of that policy. Comparisons with Norway are appropriate as it is an example of how a country maintained control to the benefit of society as a whole.
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This is a fundamental human rights issue. The revelations in the report about practices in the women’s prison are very worrying. They indicate a move away from the ethos which used to prevail of a progressive and rehabilitative outlook to one which is much more punitive. As somebody who spent a month there I am well aware of the set-up in the Dóchas Centre, and this is an extremely worrying trend which will be bad for the women and the staff.
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Worker's Rights

Clare Daly TD calls on DAA and Spar to protect the jobs of former Point Three workers

Lack of reassurances to 15 staff a scandal

“Following the decision by the DAA to put out to tender two kiosk spaces previously operated by Point Three Limited both outlets were closed on 15th October.

“Workers were told that Spar won the tenders. What should have followed was a relatively seamless refitting of both shops and under the laws relating to the transfer of undertakings the Point Three employees would continue to work under Spar.

“However since the closure of the Point Three shops workers were told that there would be a delay of four to six weeks before Spar would be in situ thus creating a considerable loss of income. However there has been no engagement with the 15 workers by Spar management to reassure them of their jobs.

“I call on Spar and the DAA to properly engage with the workers and furthermore ensure that between them they compensate the workers for any loss of income arising from these delays.”


Clare Daly TD & Cllr. Eugene Coppinger will speak at a public information meeting on the sewerage treatment plant next Thursday 17 November 2011 in Colmcilles GAA Balheary, Swords, 8PM.

Meeting organised as one of the shortlisted sites is just north of Swords not too far from Glen Ellan.