The Bill before us is relatively straightforward. Its purpose is to ratify changes to the IMF articles of agreement. However, we must first step back and examine the role of the IMF. It is clear that the IMF is not a neutral international economic advisory committee. The allocation of quotas and voting rights in the IMF, far from being about democracy, are structured in a manner to preserve a totally unjust economic system and to prevent any attempt by the majority of the world’s population to share in the wealth they create and to end poverty and hunger.

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Environment, Local Issues

Socialist Party TD Clare Daly, who has for years opposed this development said of the announcement

‘This is a monumental decision by the Council. It is firstly a testament to the tremendous work over 14 years of the Nevitt Landfill Action Group, who fought tirelessly against this development, by taking the issue all the way to Europe and though concerted political campaigning here in Fingal.’

For years, I have raised this issue, in the Council and in the Dail. I think it is important to say that it was obvious for a long time that this project was never economically or environmentally viable and because of this there are serious questions to be answered by the Council. Over €30 million has been spent acquiring land, a significant portion of which contained an illegal landfill site, which will now have to be cleaned up, at taxpayer’s expense.

Now, as we have raised before, there needs to be an independent investigation into this project and the money that has been spent on it; it is too much money and too serious of an issue to be let lie. Socialist Party Councillor for Swords, Eugene Coppinger will continue to work on this by pushing for an independent investigation to take place.’

Daly added, ‘The overturning of the CPOs on the homes of residents near where the dump would have been is a particularly welcome development coming out of this announcement. It is a victory and an immense relief for people in Nevitt who can spend Christmas knowing that they will not now be forced to leave their homes during the next year.’


Household Tax RTE Prime Time 15/12/2011 (mp3)


Clare Daly (Dublin North, Socialist Party)
As we are sitting here today and tomorrow debating this new legislation, we do so against the backdrop of the necessity for county councils around the country to set their budgets from funding that has been slashed in order to take account of this new tax on home owners. That is an absolute joke. The reason local authorities are being starved of funding is not that we have not paid our fair share of tax but rather that the Government chooses to use our taxes to pay unsecured bondholders and recapitalise banks, and refuses, patently, to ask the wealthy people at the top of society to pay their share so we can have the public services that we deserve and have paid for. Instead, it is choosing – this is a voluntary choice – to make ordinary people pay yet again. One of the messages we need to send out is that the people sitting at home can see this as an opportunity to say “Enough is enough.” We cannot consider this measure in isolation from all the austerity measures and budget cuts that have been implemented over the past while.
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