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Student Nurses Protest Wage Cuts

The recent announcement by the HSE to recruit 1,000 new graduates at 80% of the current salary is a blatant attack on the living standards of essential front line workers. Nursing and midwifery graduates, qualifying in 2009, started on the second point of the salary scale, which was €33,470.  In January 2011, the government imposed a 10% cut to all new entrants into the public sector, which reduced salaries to €28,539. In February 2012, the Department of Health issued a circular directing management to put newly qualified nurses/midwives on the first point of the salary scale which is €27,211. In December 2012, the government announced that they were going to recruit 1,000 newly qualified nurses/midwives on two year contracts at only 80% of the 1st point of the staff nurse salary scale, which equates to €22,000 per year. This means that newly qualified nurses/midwives will have incurred a cut of €11,470 in just three years.   This 34% salary cut is a discriminatory attempt to undermine the working conditions of professional frontline workers.
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The ULA welcomes the government’s declaration that legislation for the X Case ruling of the Supreme Court in 1992, despite a delay of twenty years, will finally be brought in next year. There is no need to delay however, in the repeal of Sections 58 and 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act. This piece of repressive law, retained from the time of British rule, makes abortion a criminal act with severe penalties for women and doctors. We call for the immediate repeal of this legislation.
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