Worker's Rights

Time the HSE were introduced to the LRC: their intransigence & abuse of industrial relations machinery is shocking.

February 28th, 2013 – TEEU refers dispute at St James’s Hospital to Labour Court as management threatens to dismiss all electricians.
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Housing inspectors conducting a sweep of flats in Dublin have found the vast majority of flats to be in breach of regulations, according to news reports yesterday.  Inspectors visited 589 flats on the North Circular Road and issued warning notices to 483 of them.

This represents 82% of the buildings inspected.  Obviously this is a small sample but it is indicative of the decreasing standards of living that people are expected to endure in this country.
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Worker's Rights

Supporting the seven striking electricians at St. James’s Hospital Dublin. Locked out after putting in place safety measures.

via TEEU union “Their only crime was to lock electrical panels to prevent unqualified personnel from accessing the panels and thus interfering with the electrical equipment, which was a potential danger to the electricians, other employees and patients at the Hospital”, TEEU General Secretary Eamon Devoy said today. “Our members took these safety measures to ensure that they had safe systems of work and their colleagues had a safe place of work consistent with Health and Safety legislation.”

full release from TEEU