Animal Welfare

TD’s Maureen O’ Sullivan and Clare Daly will today table amendments to the Animal Health and Welfare Bill. The two TD’s are asking for exemptions on the banning of fox hunting and hare coursing to be removed.
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Communications Energy and Natural Resources, Economy, Environment

A European Citizen’s Initiative has raised over one million signatures petitioning the EU to make commitments in the area of access to water and sanitation. The petition also calls on the EU to protect water services across Europe from ‘internal market rules’ and privatisation. Essentially the campaign seeks to keep water services in the public’s hands.
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Economy, National

By Jacob Richards

Given the recent history of our current government in relation to imposing draconian measures on its ordinary citizens, nothing should really take us by surprise anymore. It is quite clear that this government is intent on taxing its struggling citizens beyond breaking point. Exemptions to this crippling austerity will be kept to the bare minimum. That is certainly the impression we are left with after today’s announcement that only 5,100 houses will be exempt from the Local Property Tax (LPT).

Perhaps more startling is the fact that this figure is down from 43,000 exemptions under the Household Charge last year. Such exemptions clearly enticed many struggling homeowners to register their details with the revenue commissioners. In doing so, many of these homeowners will now face crippling property taxes this year. It seems this government is determined to resist reprieve for homeowners affected by the issue of pyrite or unfinished estates
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The bailout deal for Cyprus has been greeted by Ireland’s Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan as a “positive development for Cyprus, the euro zone and Ireland”. Mr. Noonan is showing his true colours, as the only people for whom this is good news are the senior bondholders who have transferred their debt directly on to the shoulders of Cypriot families.

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