Features, International

Jamison Maeda reports from the USA on the sad story of the young man persecuted for his commitment to free access to the internet.

Like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, an ordinary guy in Brooklyn, New York suddenly finds his life turned upside down when he is mercilessly pursued by evil, government agents. But this wasn’t a movie. And it ended tragically.
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Economy, Worker's Rights

It’s been a difficult week for the Labour Party who are reaping the rewards of their betrayal of the Irish people.  The collapse of their vote to less than 5% in the Meath By-Election is an indication of what they can expect from the nation at the next General Election.  To add further distress to the Party, the Teachers unions have given a hostile reception to education minister Ruairí Quinn at their annual conferences.

Clear rejection of Croke Park II and Labour

The Teachers Union of Ireland conference, being held in Galway this week, has called for its members to vote against Croke Park II and instructed its executive to withdraw from ICTU if it tries to impose the deal on its members.  Over 80% of the TUI membership voted to reject the deal in a ballot held last month.  They now say that they will take industrial action if the Croke Park deal is forced upon their members.
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Penalty Points


Dáil Work, Justice, Leaders Questions

Clare asked Enda Kenny if the Minister for Justice was trying to discourage whistleblowers. She asked where the protection for those whistleblowers who tried to uncover malpractice is. Further, she asked: How can the general public have confidence in an internal inquiry which dismissed the allegations of the whistle blowers before the investigation began?