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Legislation without restrictions should be introduced immediately to make abortion available in practise. The proposal that six doctors would be required to approve abortion is ridiculous and unacceptable; this fly’s in the face of the X Case ruling of the Supreme Court and the ABC ruling of the European Court of Human Rights.
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Economy, National

The publication of Personal Insolvency Guidelines yesterday has been met with criticism and dismay in many quarters.  While FLAC tentatively welcomed this as a step forward in a process, for those who desperately need to resolve debt issues, others, including the St Vincent de Paul, have been openly critical of the guidelines, calling them draconian.
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Dáil Work, Leaders Questions, Worker's Rights

Clare asked Tánaiste Eamonn Gilmore, in light of the overwhelming defeat by ordinary Trade Union members of Croke Park 2, if it is not time that he and his Labour colleagues followed in the footsteps of Michael O’Leary and joined Fine Gael.

Economy, Worker's Rights

The No2CrokePark2 Campaign welcomes the rejection of Croke Park 2 by trade unionists across the public sector. Even in unions where a yes vote was recommended members have sent a clear message that they have had enough of cuts and austerity.
It is now clear that many trade union leaders are out of touch with the reality of most members lives and do not clearly understand that members have nothing left to give.
Rather than fight for the policies of the trade union movement which call for the implementation of taxes on the rich and the wealthy they sought to sell a vicious package of cuts to workers who have already given enough. They should now move aside.
Croke Park 2 is dead. There can be no talks on an agenda of cuts. Threats to legislate for pay cuts should be met by determined action across the public sector.