Dáil Work, Leaders Questions, Worker's Rights

Clare ask Eamonn Gilmore about the journey Labour have made to the side of IBEC as they continue to impose cuts and taxes on low paid workers and struggling home owners while never attempting to tax the wealthy.

Local Issues, Protests

The decision taken by management at Fingal Count Council to cut local library hours has caused justifiable outrage from community groups and residents in Rush and Balbriggan. The libraries which these communities fought so hard for will now be forced to close at 5 pm four days a week!  This is a cut of 33% in opening hours is an absolute disgrace and must not be allowed to happen.
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Meetings, Women's Rights

Women's Rights

Needs of despairing women ignored – lives will be put at risk

Expert Group recommendations ignored

Commenting on the government’s draft bill on abortion, Clare Daly TD and Joan Collins TD called for changes to deal with shortcomings in the Bill:

Clare Daly said:

Today, May Day, when women have fought for their rights as workers, we are still fighting for our rights as women. I welcome the publication of the government’s proposals for minimal legislation on abortion, but it contains restrictions that will continue to put women’s lives at risk.
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