Women's Rights

 Pro-choice TDs say they have been forced to oppose abortion Bill because it criminalizes women and is unnecessarily restrictive

 Bill will not prevent another death like Savita Halappanavar

Restrictions will cause doctors to delay terminations – putting women at risk
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Dáil Work, Jobs, Leaders Questions

In light of the growing crisis of youth unemployment in Europe, with an average of 25% and up to 50% youth unemployment in some EU countries Clare asks the Taoiseach what the response is to this crisis.


The Department of Social Protection have launched their latest Jobs initiative spin called ‘Jobs Plus’. 
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Dublin, Republic of Ireland (Éire) -The campaigns and solidarity organisation Justice for Colombia (trade union based solidarity campaign which affiliates 10 union and branches with up to 250,000 members), the Latin American Solidarity Centre and the Grupo Raíces
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