Dáil Issues, Justice

The announcement by The Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, that survivors of Bethany Home would not be included in a redress scheme has been met with great anger and disappointment.  Mr Shatter, speaking on RTE radio one on 24th July stated that children who had been fostered out to inappropriate care were not the responsibility of either Bethany Home or of the State.  Furthermore the role of the Home as a mother and baby home was another reason for its exclusion from the redress scheme.
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by Jamison Maeda

San Francisco’s annual Gay Pride Event was the largest ever as 1.5 million gay men and women and their allies celebrated the legalization of gay marriage in California. However, a very different story is playing out in Africa.
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For those who could not attend Bernie Dwyer’s gathering to say their last farewell, it was a fitting and beautiful tribute organised by her family. The setting was the round room of the Mansion House. It was a stunning space. The lights above those who gathered were like stars creating a peaceful, soft and serene atmosphere. As Bernie entered this room with all her family, friends, neighbours and comrades walking behind, Victor Jara of Chile was sung representing Latin America and her connection with the place.
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Dáil Work, Health, Leaders Questions

Clare asks the Táiniste Eamonn Gilmore to give the survivors of symphysiotomy an assurance that the Government will listen to and deliver a solution for them.