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The recent use of chemical weapons in Damascus is without a doubt an appalling atrocity causing untold damage to human life and creating panic in the area.  There can be no doubt that this was a horrifying attack which increases the already high death toll of over 100,000 people with over 1 million people displaced so far.   At this point there is no definitive evidence as to who carried out this attack.  
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A further imposition of cut backs at St. Michael’s House is creating huge uncertainty for the service which cares for over 1,700 adults and children with intellectual disabilities. The recent announcement to cut a further €1 million from the service’s budget with immediate effect has been met with anger and bewilderment from service users and staff at St. Michael’s House.
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Jamison Maeda discusses US relations with Cuba

A tropical breeze blows across sapphire blue Caribbean waters and through the palm trees that line El Malecón, the avenue running along Havana’s north shore. Strolling past historic, Spanish forts and cathedrals, you hear salsa music just around the corner. The smell of Chichachirritas (fried plantain chips) drifts through shuttered windows. As you walk among some of the Havana’s two million inhabitants you find yourself in the middle of 500 years of culture.
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By Jacob Richards

The following is based on reports given to us by a number of Activists.

On 19th of August 2013 the Colombian farmer’s associations together with transport workers, health workers, miners and student called a national strike. The strike was based on opposition to the neo-liberal policies being pursued by Columbia’s current government and which have meant disaster on the most vulnerable sections of society. The Protesters took to the streets to voice their concerns over the current government’s agenda of privatization and deal brokering with the US and EU over free trade agreements.

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