In a recent publication, The Case for a Financial Transaction Tax, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions made a well-argued call for a tax on financial transactions such as stock trading and derivatives trading.   There is, in fact, a growing push across Europe, and not just from the Left, for a tax on this multi-billion-Euro sector of the economy.  As ICTU point out, this tax could raise a staggering €57 billion across Europe.    And this would be at the infinitesimal rate of 0.01% to 0.1%; a moderate tax that would do little to hamper an industry which already escapes from paying VAT.
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Clare Daly TD said: More and more people in this country are struggling and wondering how they are going to pay their bills and put food on the table. Imposing a property tax on people who can already barely make ends meet will have a disastrous effect. Cutting child benefit will put enormous pressure on families. If people can’t spend how is the economy going to recover. What we need is an end to this austerity and get people back to work”

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The Euphemisms


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(after Peter Reading)

A great and sure remedy

for unmarried ladies. A boat

somewhere so she can sort this out

and then get back to her life.

A Ryanair flight to Leeds-Bradford.

A pill the modern woman

can take with her coffee.

An ex-nurse above a fish and chip shop

who helps girls in trouble.

A day trip to a clinic

near Liverpool. Flushing it

down the lavatory. Something

the Irish government is in no rush

to legislate for. What the Bishop of Kerry

is definitely against.

Something no one wants.

The world’s second oldest profession.

A number in England her doctor

suggests she phone.

Something the Irish government

will deal with in a prompt

and appropriate manner.

The constitutional amendment of 1983.

The letters A, B, C. The letter X.

If we leave it long enough

all the letters in between.

Something you can’t have women

walking in off the street

and demanding.