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Leaders Questions on the report from the Comptroller & Auditor General into abuse of the penalty points system.

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The latest statistics on Irish emigration, published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), show an increase in emigration with over 243 people leaving the country every day.  No matter how much spin the right wing media attempt to put on these figures they cannot be explained away as a shift in the lifestyle decisions of young Irish people, they represent an economic and social crisis.
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Clare raised the issue of the proposals by Social Justice Ireland to provide adequate pensions for all in society.


By Jacob Richards

On October 4th the electorate will be asked to vote on the abolition of the Seanad. Many people will be apprehensive about voting in favour of abolition and justifiably so. This government has given plenty of reasons since taking office for people to be suspicious of their motives. They have broken countless promises, driven the same austerity agenda as their predecessor and worsened the standards of living for those most vulnerable in society. It is quite understandable that people would wish to punish FG/Lab by voting no in the referendum.  The problem is that by doing so, the Irish people will have missed the opportunity to remove one of the most undemocratic and ineffective institutions in the state.
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