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Marian Price/Martin Corey

Magdalene Laundries Report

Water Services Bill

Result of test 33% below limit

Shane McEntee RIP

Penalty points investigation



Incarceration of Martin Corey

Coillte Sale of Assets

Property Tax

Budget 2013

Penalty points

Social welfare bill

Clare Daly: Home Helps Demo Swords Dec1

Dáil rejects legislation a second time

Savita Rally 21/11

Savita Rally 17/11

Animal Welfare 17/11

March4Choice 29/09/2012

Children’s Bill

Animal Health and Welfare Bill

Free Marian Price

Advisers were bondholders

Household Tax: The Frontline

Priory Hall: evacuees for more than 100 days

Women's Rights

Legislate for X

Repeal 1861 Act now

Repeal 8th Amendment to Constitution

The ULA welcomes the government’s declaration that legislation for the X Case ruling of the Supreme Court in 1992, despite a delay of twenty years, will finally be brought in next year. There is no need to delay however, in the repeal of Sections 58 and 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act. This piece of repressive law, retained from the time of British rule, makes abortion a criminal act with severe penalties for women and doctors. We call for the immediate repeal of this legislation.
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The Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign in Donegal has welcomed a government announcement to provide grant relief for septic tank repairs.  This is an indication of the success of the boycott campaign.  Up until now the Government had insisted that the home owners would bear the full cost of repairs.  This compromise is a result of the campaign’s successful boycott of the registration process.
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Communications Energy and Natural Resources

It is almost ironic that as we put up our Christmas trees, Coillte the State forestry board tasked with managing 1.2 million acres of public forests as well as increasing our low average tree cover, is selling off another lot of public forestry property, 1000 acres in Donegal.
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