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Clare raised the issue of recent budget cuts to Social Welfare for under 26 yr olds and asked the Tanaiste if he can provide evidence to prove that dole cuts can create jobs.

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The annual pantomime that is the Budget has yet again protected the rich and targeted the vulnerable.  The budget announced today has scapegoated the underprivilleged, the unemployed, young people, old people and the sick.  As tax payers money continues to support the vampire banks, our public services are being undermined and run into the ground.
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12Oct2013 Canadian Hercules C130 at Shannon


Shannonwatch snapped two warplanes at Shannon yesterday afternoon.
One was a Canadian Hercules C130. As Canada is involved in the occupation of Afghanistan, why are Canadian military aircraft allowed transit through Irish territory? The OMNI Air US troop carrier normally carries up to 300 armed US troops through Shannon, on a daily basis. Claims by the government that the civilian use of Shannon airport is being promoted are clearly false, the terminal is practically empty with staff having to stand around and appear busy.


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by Jamison Maeda

Fifteen years ago this week, a gay college student in Laramie Wyoming named Matthew Shepard was robbed, beaten, tied to a fence and left for dead. His attackers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson stole Matthew’s credit card, his shoes, and pistol-whipped him. At their trial, McKinney’s ex-girlfriend said the two men “pretended they were gay to get [Shepard] into the truck and rob him.”
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