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Clare asked the Minister for Arts Heritage and the Gaelteach about budget cuts to funding of the Arts.  Click on the link below to watch the video.


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On September 5th Irish army personnel noted that one of the warplanes landed at Shannon was armed with a fixed weapon, i.e. a missile. Galway’s local peace group believes that it was no accident that Derek Nolan, a Galway Labour TD, was given the task of posing the question in a vain attempt to save the Labour seat.  Nolan, in posing a question given to him by the authorities about the US military at Shannon, is attempting to rebrand himself for the voters.  Nolan has never shown any interest in this issue up until now.  I have raised this issue with Eamon Gilmore and Enda Kenny on numerous occasions and each time the response was denial and indifference.   One Labour Party question gets a front page headline, only because they couldn’t deny it. This fully supports the points that have been made by myself and the Shannonwatch activists.  Below is a press release from the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance:
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by Jamison Maeda

After 16 days of a U.S. Federal government shutdown, Congress’s approval rating fell to an all time low of 5% according to the Associated Press.  The latest polls show zombies, hipsters and Miley Cyrus are experiencing a higher public approval rating than Congress. 
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Clare raised the issue of recent budget cuts to Social Welfare for under 26 yr olds and asked the Tanaiste if he can provide evidence to prove that dole cuts can create jobs.