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There is a very odd paradox to the on-going political feet-dragging about abortion in this country.  On the hand, it is clear that there is a huge level of support for action; a recent Sunday Business Post poll showed that a massive 85% of the Irish electorate support legislating for abortion.  And yet, on the other hand, not just since the death of Savita Halappanavar, but going as far back as the aftermath of the X-Case in 1992, there has been a large-scale effort by politicians to ignore public opinion.  To ignore the Supreme Court ruling after X that demanded the government legislate.  To ignore the 2010 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that the Irish State has to legislate.  And now to act as slowly as possible in the wake of the release of the Report of the Expert Group, with the ultimate intention of producing the most watered-down legislation possible, and so to put off any real conclusion of this issue for the foreseeable future.
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‘When women are passionate they’re emotional but when men are passionate they’re strong.’ That’s the attitude that keeps women representation in the Dail below 20% and dissuades girls from getting involved in political affairs.

One of the most active politicians of this our era is Independent TD, Clare Daly. Despite coming under intense media scrutiny and suffering daily personal and professional swipes Daly continues to remain at the forefront of most major political hot-potatoes.

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Agriculture/Animal Welfare

Clare Daly TD with campaigners for the abolition of cruel sports protesting outside the Dáil on the day the hare coursing season began.

Legislate for X


Health, Women's Rights

Statement – 1st February 2013

Legislate for X

No restrictions that make abortion inaccessible

Clare Daly TD and Joan Collins TD today responded to the publication of the Submission to the public hearings of the Committee on Health and Children with regard to the Expert Group Report on abortion:

Clare Daly TD said:

“We welcome the publication of these Submissions. The Minister now has ample evidence from which to proceed. We call for the prompt publication of a draft bill to provide for abortion on grounds of risk to the life of a woman – either by suicide or other reason related to a pregnancy.
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