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Last week Clare Spoke in favour of the Regualtion of Cannabis Bill 2013, click on the link below to hear her contribution to the debate.


By Jacob Richards

Over the last few days the government has been quick to highlight the impending conclusion of Ireland’s bailout package as a clear sign of economic recovery. The media have eagerly jumped on the bandwagon with claims that the final bailout review visit by the troika is a “historic day.” Such headlines fit the general narrative of neo-liberalism whereby once, we as a sovereign nation can return to the financial markets, everything will be just fine and dandy again. The reality is that this is just opportunistic spin and drivel by our government and media who are quite content to sing the same tune. 
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Defence, Foreign Affairs

A Canadian  C130 Hercules and two KC 10 US air force refueling tanks, which may indicate that they were refueling other US military aircraft that were transiting through Irish airspace.  The Hercules was at gate 42 which suggests it was carrying passengers and not cargo.  shannon 1 shannon 2 shannon 3

International, Worker's Rights

Urgent Action – Community Leader Killed Others at Risk

Small-scale campesino farmer and community leader, César Garcia, who had been opposing the development of a gold mining project in Cajamarca, Colombia, has been killed by an unknown gunman. There is a grave fear for security of other community leaders in the region.
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