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Jack was an unemployed worker who won a Dáil seat in 1957.  He was elected as an Independent in Dublin South Central.

Jack’s story is indicative of the elitism within Irish politics. Not a member of the old boy’s school he was treated with disdain and disrespect by members of the Oireachtas.  His maiden speech was greeted with sniggers and sneers from the professional politicians in the Dáil.  He was regarded with suspicion and found it impossible to get answers to very basic questions.  The elitist political parties strategically ignored his questions and shouted him down when he attempted to raise important issues.
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Worker's Rights

Supporting 7 workers who manage corporate travel arrangements for the Kerry Group who are threatened with dismissal. Below is a copy of their press release from Monday.

Press Release
BCD Travel employees threatened with immediate dismissal
Date Released: 11 March 2013

SIPTU members employed by BCD Travel, which manages corporate travel arrangements for the Kerry Group, have been threatened with immediate dismissal and the non-payment of redundancy entitlements if they exercise their right to take industrial action.

The seven workers based in the Kerry Group head office in Tralee, Co. Kerry, were informed of the threat by the management of BCD Travel late last week following their unanimous vote to take industrial action on Wednesday, 6th March.
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Economy, Protests

read the family home tax – frequently asked questions
Homeowners are bracing themselves as Revenue gears up to deliver tax assessment forms to more than 1.6 million homes in the coming days.  They will be demanding that you agree a valuation on your home for the new property tax, and to let them know how you intend to pay it.

What an absolute kick in the teeth for citizens the length and breadth of the country!  It is nothing more than legalised extortion.  Anyone who bought a house in the past twenty years has already paid massive taxation for the privilege.  Of the average €300,000 price tag for a modest dwelling, over €165,000 went back to the Government in stamp duty, development levies, PAYE, VAT on materials and subcontracted labour.
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International, Women's Rights

The unveiling of a plaque to the Irish Women Workers Union in Liberty Hall today will mark the historic importance of women in the Irish Labour movement.

On launching the first and most durable women’s trade union in the country, Delia Larkin was critical of the poor pay and conditions women had to endure, insisting they were ‘weary of being white slaves who pass their lives away toiling to fill the pockets of unscrupulous employers’.

There was a wave of strikes in Ireland north and south in the run up to the foundation of the union and many of them involved large numbers of women workers. Mary Galway, Secretary of the Textiles Operatives Society in Belfast played a leading role in mobilising women workers in Belfast and in 1911 lead a very significant strike of over 3,000 mill workers in the city.
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