Features, International

by Jamison Maeda

prohibitionThe United States has become an “incarceration nation.” Over 7 million people are under correctional supervision. No other nation holds this many people behind bars.  Violent crime in the US has significantly decreased  since 1980, but the prison population has quadrupled. 
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Economy, Oral Questions

In a recent question put by Clare Daly in the Dáil  Minister Noonan revealed the extent of the costs involved in sending out 988,000 letters to property owners in October 2013.

To ask the Minister for Finance the full costs of the implementation of the property tax to date, with particular reference to the cost of reissuing the latest letter seeking payment; the amount that has been paid to contractor providers; the number of staff of these providers that are working full time for Revenue and the cost of same; and the cost of the operation of the website and any other payments.
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Health, Women's Rights

There are many cases of fatal foetal abnormality. We know there are enough for a Liverpool hospital to make special provision for Irish women in these circumstances. The current regime deprives women of a full consultation with their medical practitioners in Ireland.   Those women who decide to travel they have to locate a hospital in another jurisdiction that will treat them.  90% of the Irish population support the right to terminations in instances of fatal foetal abnormality.
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Exiting the Bailout



Clare describes the IMF involvement in Ireland having facilitated a redistribution of wealth from the public to the failed bankers and in doing so stripping away vital social services.

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