Forestry Bill


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Clare, speaking on the Forestry Bill 2013, highlights the importance of our natural resources click on the link below to watch:

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Clare asked for clarification from the Minister for Education about enrollment fees at non fee paying schools.  You can watch the Minister’s reply on the link below:

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The following statement is from Marie O’Connor and the Survivors of Symphysiotomy. 

Survivors of Symphysiotomy are dismayed at the Government’s failure to engage with their demands, following their meeting with Minister James Reilly this afternoon. ‘Despite our best efforts, we failed to get clarification on any aspect of what is a pre-determined process’, said Marie O’Connor, Chairperson of Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SoS).
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by Jamison Maeda

prohibitionThe United States has become an “incarceration nation.” Over 7 million people are under correctional supervision. No other nation holds this many people behind bars.  Violent crime in the US has significantly decreased  since 1980, but the prison population has quadrupled. 
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