Multiple Survivors groups will protest at inaction and exclusion from Inquiry.

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Coalition of Mother And Baby home Survivors

Press release
Survivors urge ‘Sampling’ to Inquiry to include all Survivors
with minimal outlay in time and money
Tomorrow the umbrella group CMABS will hold a dignified protest at the Dail on Wednesday the 6th of April from 2.00pm to 3.30 to highlight the aging profile of an elderly community of survivors of Ireland’s notorious Mother and Baby homes and the lack of concrete action by the Government.

Survivors are also protesting the ongoing exclusion of some survivors of forced adoption from the present Commission of Inquiry into Mother and Baby homes by virtue of being born outside of a Mother and Baby home and have already suggested ‘Sampling’ to the Commission of Inquiry as a simple, extremely cost effective method of including all Survivors by just including a Sample of other institutions exactly as the Inquiry are already handling the inclusion of all the County Homes – by only “sampling” a couple of them. As little as four to eight similar ‘Samples’ of various institutions, representing all institutions, as well as a small number of personal testimonies regarding Home Births would be all that is required to include ALL Survivors at a minimal cost both in terms of time and money.

CMABS further calls on the Government, all TDs and the Commission of Inquiry to be cognisant of the aging profile of the Survivor Community and urgently requests ALL TDs to look into the issues of including all Survivors in the Inquiry, issuing a full Acknowledgment, Apology and Redress, and passing the new Adoption Bill as soon as possible. Several survivors have recently passed away and justice delayed is Justice Denied. All TDs have a responsibility to set aside the current political impasse and act together for the good of a vulnerable and elderly group who are literally dying for action..

Paul Redmond, Founder and Chair of CMABS said: “The Government and Inquiry must act immediately to address the numerous deaths that have occurred since the Tuam 800 and Mother & Baby Homes story broke in May 2014 and we were promised swift action. Death and ill health stalks the Survivor Community and we need immediate action on Full Inclusion of all Survivors and an immediate Acknowledgement of our country’s shameful past. Our community has been torn in two by the Government but we stand united for immediate Inclusion and Justice. As we celebrate the centenary of 1916 let us remember some of the most poignant words of the Proclamation: “…and cherish all the children of the nation equally”. Equally? 100 years after 1916 and equality for the elderly adults those children have become, is sorely and painfully lacking in this Government and Inquiry.”

Theresa Tinggal, Founder of Adopted Illegally Ireland said: “In order for this to be a fair and transparent investigation illegally adopted people need to be included especially when there is evidence of homes that operated like this and were allowed to continue. We have a human right to know where we came from and it is up to the Irish government who were fully aware of these practices to at last take this opportunity to put things right and make amends for the wrongdoings of the past by acknowledging what happened and including illegal adoptions in the Inquiry. By limiting the investigation to certain institutions is dismissing us as though we never existed ….all over again…and cannot be considered as a fair and transparent investigation.”

Clodagh Malone, Founder of Beyond Adoption Ireland said: “Institutionalisation that existed in the past still persists today in the imprisoned thinking of policy makers regarding redress”.

David Kinsella said: “We have not gone away. Our core purpose here today is to remind the new incoming Government parties old and new that we haven’t gone away. We as ageing survivors of history and of Ireland’s history in Mother and Baby homes. We are seeking here and now in the year of Ireland’s 2016 centenary, a full Apology and fast track interim redress to be put in place while the Commission continues it’s good work in the inquiry however since the Inquiry began and before then we have lost a lot of survivors who have died and some are very ill and aged. Similar to our cause for justice we would strongly recommendations similar to those just published in Belfast and the UK titled “What Survivors Want from Redress” by Professor Patricia Lundy of Ulster University.

Terri Harrison, Founder of “Mothers Wronged” ( support Group for mothers Dublin) said: “We as mothers, were a target of the times, we were a target for economical gain. We were a target for human theft. The war on single parenting determined our imprisonment. Today our leaders have a choice, an informed choice to make, acknowledge the crimes of those who stole our lives, who stole our natural right as Mothers, who left us in this living bereavement a life sentence imposed upon us. Our Leaders today can show the world as a real Independent State, finally, all of us crying out to be heard, can face our deaths knowing the truth is truly exposed, our children, will know, they too were the target of an unnatural catastrophe. Who among the Church and State had the right to deny us all our basic human rights. The consensus of our community(mothers) is please tell us now; this Country can admit the shame of a nation, by recognising the injustice of it all, and say sorry to all of us.”

Rosemary C Adaser BA (Hons.) MSc/Dip: Founder and Chair of the Association of Mixed Race Irish: “The suffering of mixed race Irish children in the Irish Industrial Schools Network has never been addressed by previous Government Inquiries. It is therefore critical that this oversight is addressed in this Inquiry.”

Derek Leinster, Founder and Chair of the Bethany Home Survivors ’98 group said: “The new Goddard Inquiry in the UK has started by seeking out the cases where the survivors have Freedom of Information requests and other documents and where the Police need to go to the address of the survivor. That is exactly what they are doing so that no one is sitting around waiting. No survivors who have fought and obtained evidence are being left waiting and aging and dying. Doing it this way helps all cases whether weak or strong. The strong cases help all survivors to be kept up to date all the way through. This commonsense and practical method will also help the Goddard Inquiry to understand how the entire system worked and that in turn will help all LIVING Survivors as well as keeping the cost down and saving many millions of taxpayers money at the same time.”