Letter from Irish Citizen imprisoned in Egypt

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The following is a letter from Ibrahim Halawa an Irish citizen arrested with his sisters in Egypt last year. Ibrahim has spent a year in jail, the charges against him are unclear. He is one of over 400 prisoners involved in one of Egypt’s ‘mass trials’.

“At a time of a happiness we always wish if there is someone special you can share the moment with, well at this time in the place Tora Prison, I managed to get an A4 copy to reply to all the letters I have received we decided we would take ourselves out of the mood, as they would say and celebrate our one year anniversary with a party, we celebrate it…. we got a surprise party for the prison force, we were sitting down chatting and suddenly the cell door opened ” get out… get out”.Personally I was dragged then beaten by sticks then I was told, lay down on your stomach with your hands behind your back, we were stripped naked one by one, then we were left to wait. They started searching the room, suddenly they asked who is the owner of this bag. It was my bag, it was bag my sister brought me as a present for 100 euro, he asked me is the money in the bag yours, I said “yes” he punched and started smacking me, what do you do with this money, replying saying “I spend it”. He told one of the soldiers that are amongst at least a hundred soldiers and cops AK47 and shotguns and tear gas pointing at our heads, he asked where I was from and I said Ireland, then he goes so you’re not Egyptian, I said to him no. He picked up a metal chain and whipped my shoulder talking my back with it.

Finishing of, he started searching us one by one very humiliating, insulting, disgusting, terribly searching us and touching my body, walking back in, they beat us with sticks. we walk into the cell and as if world war three happened in the cell. All the cloths mixed together with food thrown over it and our bags ripped. After we started to clean I found out that my bag, copy with all the letters, money, clothes, runners, pens, erasers, perfume and all my family pictures, All this for what??? What is my crime to deserve all this. Today they said they had human rights with them, and I wanted to see them in the morning so we can tell them about the hunger strike and this is what  we got.

The cell is worst condition possible, the toilets are dirty and are not made for any human, food last Saturday came with worms and crotches, this is the least thing we are going through.

Where is human rights where is the world to see what we are going through.

But I will continue

But I will survive

But I will change the world


P.S… I paid 19 Egyptian pound for five pages of paper from a criminal”
Ibrahim Halawa