Legislate for the X case without further delay

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Clare Daly Calls on the Government to legislate for the X case without further delay.

Welcoming the launch day of the International Campaign for the Decriminalisation of Abortion on Friday 28th September, Clare calls for wide support for this Saturday’s March for Choice in Dublin.

Celebrating the launch this Friday of an international campaign for the Decriminalisation of Abortion the United Left Alliance will be holding a public meeting to highlight the struggle for decades to legislate for the x case and to achieve abortion rights in Ireland.

Deputy Daly who will be addressing that meeting also calls on members of the public to support the March for Choice event in Dublin this Saturday, She said:

“We cannot allow this government to renege on its promise to legislate for the X case. The continuing disregard for women’s health and the restrictions placed on Irish women with regard to decisions about their own bodies shows the upmost disrespect. The legislation is a matter of urgency; a minimum of 12 women are travelling to the U.K. every day for abortions because the Irish state continues to deny them access.

The expert group appointed to get Fine Gael and Labour off the hook is an obvious delaying tactic and is unnecessary. The ABC judgement means that the state is obliged to make abortion accessible where it is legal which it is under the high court ruling on the x-case. The Government are free to introduce legislation.

This government stalling is affecting the lives and health of women every day. The longer this continues the more likely it will be that we will see more and more cases like the X case and the C case. It is time the government honoured their commitment in this regard. It is not acceptable to continue to rely on the health service of another state to care for the 4,000-8,000 Irish women who travel across the Irish Sea every year to access abortion. The issue needs to be addressed and Irish women need to be given access to abortion in their own country.”