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Grey Seals around the Irish coastline are now at the peak of their pupping season.
The combination of extreme events of wind and tide over the coming month and beyond often separates pups from mothers resulting in displaced Whitecoats (unweaned orphans) and Moulters (weaned young Grey Seals challenged by sea conditions and learning to feed)…..beaching themselves in strange places.
Unless obviously sick, injured or in imminent danger, time is on your side.
Create a safe space for seal, public and dogs alike.
Help is not far away and you have many options :Contact the Irish Seal Sanctuary (ISS Ph 087 3245423): Local Gardai for contact with local vet , SPCA, seal volunteers and NPWS conservation ranger etc.
If the pup requires rescue help is not far away and you will be advised further. Unless experienced take time till help arrives as frightened pups will bite. provides access to detailed UCD/ISS rescue site for veterinary and public assistance.
Seal pups are extremely vulnerable and trusting when young, congregated and nursing on the breeding grounds and in early months of life. Historically Hallowe’en has been the time of illegal culling on the nursery beaches and ISS volunteers must be vigilant to suspicious movements of boats at this time.
HOW YOU CAN HELP : Sadly seals are still culled illegally and you can be their “eyes and ears” by reporting gunfire or suspicious activity to the Gardai about colonies and reporting dead seals, with pictures if possible to the ISS Dead Seal Database . ( Those that commit such crimes are not representative of fishing communities, most of whom regard the seals and wildlife as kindly as you)
If you are aware of the Presence of Seals Dangers to them and How You Can Respond, you can help them through the difficulties and hazards of this challenging time
Further Advise or Comment : 087 3245423