IBRC Workers present their case to Oireachtas Members.

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ULA TDs invited a delegation of IBRC workers, along with their union Rep Gareth Murphy from the Irish Bank Official Association, to Leinster House last week.  The group gave a succinct and earnest presentation to members of the Oireachtas about how liquidation of the bank will effect their entitlements.

These bank workers told their personal stories of hearing of their fate via the media on the night of Feb 7th.  These ordinary people with families and homes and debts to pay became collateral damage when the bank was liquidated overnight.  Their employment contracts were terminated with immediate effect and previous commitments with regard to their redundancy terms were slashed. The temporary contracts they were given are just that temporary and time is running out.

The delegation are calling on the Minister for Finance to un do the damage caused to them on ‘prom-night’,  they pointed out that it is within the Minister’s power to fix this at a relatively small cost to the state when compared to the billions being paid out to the bondholders.

Over 800 workers are facing an uncertain future when their temporary contracts come to an end in less than two months.  There is no guarantee that they will be employed by NAMA or elsewhere.  The very least that this government should do for these workers is to honour the terms of redundancy that were previously agreed.  We should not sit by and allow our fellow workers to be treated with such blatant disregard while this FG/Labour government continues to hand out billions to the people who destroyed the economy in the first place.