Have You Been Actively Seeking Work Since You Last Signed?

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for Trevor Sherlock

I’ve applied
to be a consultant to Irish Water
on two hundred K plus;
Complaints Liaison Officer
at the state training agency Solas,
with an assistant laid
across a desk, who knows when to whisper:
he’s not here to take
your call right now; Deputy
government press secretary
on six hundred and sixty four Euro
shy of a hundred grand,
with smart phone thrown in;
Chief Justice Susan Denham
on four thousand a week,
judicial attire supplied;
Chief Executive Officer
of St. Vincent’s Hospital
on twenty grand a month, including
a car allowance; Special Advisor
to the Minister for Foreign Affairs
on I forget how much
(though I’d have to supply
my own phone); Head
of the National Treasury Management Agency
on more than four hundred grand (salary estimated)
because the NTMA doesn’t reveal salaries;
for the hell of it, former CEO
of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority
because I like the idea of someone paying me
to go away.

And when all these came back
We regret I decided
to be my own Cosmonaut
orbiting forever
that planet you live on.

Kevin Higgins