‘Fun’ for all the family on board NATO warships in Dublin port

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Edward Horgan of Shannonwatch on the NATO warships in Dublin port last weekend, and continuing, routine breaches of Irish neutrality at Shannon:

In a further breach of Irish neutrality, six NATO warships were providing ‘fun’ for children at Dublin port last weekend (this will help us to ignore the children who are killed and maimed by NATO bombs in the Middle East, and the children being drowned almost daily trying to flee from these conflicts).

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning at Shannon there were four US warplanes lined up on the centre of the airport being protected by three levels of questionable security: Irish army, Gardaí, and airport police. It was a somewhat unusual array of warplanes. There was a Hercules C130 number CW5159, a US Navy C40 Clipper cargo/troop carrier number 5831, an executive jet number 093, and a small turbo prop aircraft number 8205. All this in a supposedly neutral country, as the United States continues its wars of aggression and resource wars across the Middle East, supported by Ireland.

Having taken photographs I then went to Shannon Garda station and made the following statement requesting Gardaí at Shannon to search and investigate these four aircraft:

‘I Edward Horgan wish to request that Gardaí at Shannon search and investigate four US military aircraft that are at Shannon airport at present. These aircraft have the following numbers:
Hercules C130 number 5159
C40 US Navy number 5831
Small executive aircraft number 8295 (Turbo prop)
Executive Jet number 093

These aircraft are part of US military that is involved in combat operations in several countries in the Middle East and their presence at Shannon airport is in breach of international laws on neutrality. They should be searched to find out if they are carrying arms or munitions and personnel on board and their crew members should be questioned in case any of them have been involved in war crimes.’

Statement taken by Garda Michael Newport.

Edward Horgan