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A European Citizen’s Initiative has raised over one million signatures petitioning the EU to make commitments in the area of access to water and sanitation. The petition also calls on the EU to protect water services across Europe from ‘internal market rules’ and privatisation. Essentially the campaign seeks to keep water services in the public’s hands.

Under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty a Citizen’s Initiative can propose legislation which must be considered by the European Parliament. This is based on the condition that the initiative can reach a minimum number of one million valid signatures and reach the minimum threshold in seven countries.

Today, March 22nd, marks World Water Day and the initiative hopes to raise awareness of the campaign and move even closer to collecting the required amount of signatures. So far the minimum threshold has been reached in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia and Slovakia. Many other countries are just a few thousand signatures away from reaching this threshold.

If you would like to add your own signature to the initiative and fight for your right and access to water then sign the petition at . With enough signatures the campaign to uphold public water services can have a voice in the European parliament. We must remember that water is a human right not a privilege.