End the Siege Of Gaza

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5Mandate Trade Union has written to all major retail employers in Ireland asking them to desist from “trading, investment or other commercial links with companies operating in, providing services to, or sourcing goods from [the illegal] settlements” in the region of Israel. As the death toll rises people around the world are standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine and demanding an end to the Siege on Gaza. At this weeks demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy, Clare Daly condemned Ireland’s shameful abstention from the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution to investigate war crimes in Israel and called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

She pointed out that ‘This assault would not happen…without the deafening silence coming from the United States of America. A silence that has enabled the slaughter, ensured it’s continuation and has resulted in the fact that we can honestly say that there is as much Palestinian blood on the  hands of Barack Obama as on the hands of Benjamin Netanyahu… This is an onslaught, this is genocide.’