End of Academic year brings more anxiety for Students facing uncertain future in Third Level Education.

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By a DCU student.

As the academic year comes to a close and exam season is upon us many students will be wondering if they can afford to return next September? With assignments such as reports, essays and examination preparation looming over student’s minds as end of year deadlines are coming ever nearer. Irish student’s minds are in a limbo cycle combatting academic pressures with part time jobs in order to sustain themselves. Recent statistics from college newspapers highlight how an increasing number of students are forced to find employment resulting in them missing lectures, labs and tutorials. This places many students at crossroads, should I work to pay my fees or try to pass my exams.

Well there is of course SUSI or the Student Universal Support Ireland and the Student Assistance Fund. The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has reported recently how Coalition government’s actions in cutting back on grants by increasing the threshold for eligibly will result in a mass student exodus from college.  It’s decision to announce a three year plan to increase the student contribution to €3, 000 in the 2015 – 2016 academic year is very worrying for many current and aspiring third level students.

This is despite Labours pre – election promise not to increase the student contribution towards fees. Many parents of third level students voted for Labour in the hope that family burdens would not be increased should their children advance to a college education. The pursued antics by the Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn have only enraged the student population against the Coalition government. This is coming from the minister, a past UCD student whom was responsible for mass student protests demanding the reform of the university’s structures.

The student population of Ireland were misled by Quinn and his party and this coalition government. Our future in regards to whether we will be able to graduate with university degrees or be forced to emigrate hangs in the balance.

Citizens of this country, students and parents have all wondered why the minister can’t actually stand up and say I lied in relation to not raising contribution fees. This lie made by Labour will not go unpunished as the recent by-election indicated.

Students of this country our struggle, hope and future aspirations will be determined by our own actions lets hold our ground stand up and make your own individual voice heard.