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Letter from a young school student from Rush asking Councillors to make sure that the library service is not cut in her area.  

Thanks very much to Megan for allowing us to share.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Megan Benson.  I am twelve years old and I am a pupil at Rush National School.

I am writing you this letter because I am appalled at you cutting our library hours. Not only are you causing us to have to travel out to Skerries because Rush library will be closed so often, but you are also affecting our education!

If there is too much going on in your house to work or study, the library is a great place to go, especially if you have younger siblings, which many people have. It is also a fabulous place to go just to go out to a peaceful, quiet place to have time to your-self.  I also don’t understand why you would spend so much money on improving the library and doing it up if it’s just going to be closed most of the time and less people will see it.

I have listed many reasons why I (and many other people) think cutting library hours is a disgrace. My mom works three jobs and doesn’t have the time to drive me all the way out to Skerries and back because Rush library is closed, and that goes for all parents who are busy with their jobs. Now that the library hours are cut people will stop going to the library expecting it to be closed and the library will become less popular. The people of Rush need to know there’s a library within walking distance to get help with work, homework, jobs, family etc..

I also have an idea to help keep the library open for longer and save money at the same time:

You could hire people from secondary school to help out in the library looking for work experience.  It would also be a great experience for them, and get them involved in the community.

I hope you think highly of this letter.

To conclude, I think cutting library hours is absolutely ridiculous and I strongly hope you put an end to cutting library hours and I am assured many people agree.

Looking forward to a positive reply.