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Residents around Fingal, and indeed nationally, who have found defects in their homes, are finding that it is more than their houses that are defective!

The system in place to deal with these problems is monumentally defective, with every organisation which is supposed to be there to sort the issues out, running for cover. The Socialist Party believes that we are sitting on a ticking time-bomb on this question.

The scale and extent of these problems are only beginning to emerge, as tens of thousands of properties that were thrown up during the boom, begin to reveal totally shoddy workmanship. In a number of estates in Balbriggan, Swords, Lusk and Malahide, serious problems have arisen ranging from pyrite in the foundations, in some areas, to major damp, and inadequate fire-proofing, along with other structural faults and cracks.

Individual houses were bought under contract and in most cases, a Homebond guarantee. It is Homebond’s responsibility to arrange to find out the extent of the problem and ensure that the repairs are carried out in order to make the dwelling structurally sound and habitable.

However, it seems that they are doing everything in their power to stall and not deal with the issues. Meanwhile, the builders who were responsible in the first instance, the Council who oversee compliance with building standards, and the engineers and architects who certified the work, are all protecting their own interests.

It is absolutely criminal that the government has failed to address this issue. Those responsible must be held to account and a more transparent and effective system put in place to ensure that residents get a structurally safe and sound home which is their entitlement.

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