Croke Park II dead in the water as SIPTU reject new agreement.

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Economy, Worker's Rights

SIPTU have joined their fellow workers, in UNITE and the CPSU today, in rejecting the terms of Croke Park II.  SIPTU members, despite a recommendation to vote yes from their leadership, have rejected the agreement by 53.7% to 46.3%.Ten unions have so far rejected the deal, leaving it effectively defeated.

If the coalition go ahead and legislate for cuts, as threatened, they will surely face a serious confrontation from the grassroots members of the trade union movement.  This leaves the Labour Party somewhat exposed in a Government intent on cutting the wages of public sector workers.

Today’s vote results are a clear indication that people have had enough of the austerity policies of this government.  While the wealth of those at the top in our society has continued to rise, the Irish worker has been asked to make all the sacrifices to bailout the banking system.  Today is a clear sign of intent that we will pay no more.

The union leaders who still advocate negotiating with the austerity ministers should step aside and allow the real fighting spirit of the grassroots membership take the lead in a fight back against the unjust attacks that they have endured for the last five years.