Councillors to vote on Swords plan for thousands of new houses

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A major Local Area Plan for Oldtown/Mooretown – that is the lands on both sides of the Rathbeale Road, up to the Rolestown Cottages, joining up with the back of the Swords Manor estates, Cianlea & Lioscian on the one side, and Bunbury Gate, Castleview & Ashton Broc on the other, will come before councillors for a vote on 12 July.

This Plan will have a major impact on the future of Swords, but particularly for residents living nearby. The site covers 275 acres and proposes 3400 new dwellings, ranging from 2-5 storeys with a planned population of 10,000 new residents! This will alter the area beyond recognition.

Two public meetings organised by Clare Daly in May saw residents express amazement at this plan, with so many unoccupied houses already. Nobody had confidence in the Council’s promises that infrastructure would be delivered in tandem.

The Plan refers to many road improvements and a new distributor road around Swords but these are needed now. Both the Rathbeale Road and Brackenstown Road are at capacity. Getting out of the greater Glen Ellan area in the mornings is a recurring nightmare with bottlenecks at Castlegrange, Estuary Roundabout and Watery Lane.

Reference is made to new schools, community facilities and neighbourhood shopping areas, which sounds great but Swords Manor residents are still waiting for their community centre, decades after the estates were built! Ultimately, this Plan will be accepted, rejected or amended by councillors at a meeting on 12 July. It is our belief that it is premature and should be rejected and the zoning of the lands re-considered as part of the new Development Plan. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact the councillors today. Let your views be heard. Contact details on the Council website Pressure pays. Make them represent you.